Marketing Platform of acquisition of quality Intentionnist Lead in large quantity

Artificial intelligence empowering

With the same objective of providing outstanding services and results, Leamonads is constantly working on improving its CPA Network’s tools. Carrying years of experience in this industry, and hence a deep knowledge, our specialized team not only designs but also develops data-driven Smart tools and performance-based products internally thanks to AI and predictive technology.

Proposing in-house tailor-made products is important for us as we can control it. Not only we know exactly how it works but we can deliver enhancements as well as developments quickly and easily; an essential behaviour in this fast-evolving industry.

Swiss-made trustworthy Affiliate Program

Specialized in media buying and audience monetization since 2007, Flex Multimedia is the reputable Swiss Group behind Lemonads. Lemonads was not created to become an additional CPA Network with its set of tools. In fact, it is also a mindset and the mindset of an entire team. We are convinced that it is possible to eradicate the problems that the affiliate marketing industry is facing nowadays and with which many of us struggle. Lemonads is an engaged Affiliate Program that was launched to raise the quality, change the mores, and proposes a new standard of CPA Network.

Without any doubt, Lemonads performance network & advanced technology empowers Advertisers and Affiliates to effectively develop their business worldwide in a fair and honourable way. We provide our trusted users with all the needed capabilities, resources and tools to do so, and this, by collaborating with one single, long-awaited and effective self-serve platform.

With Lemonads you don’t only get access to a network, you are also leading the way by supporting honest Affiliate Marketing.

A CPA network for Publishers

Emphasizing quality over quantity, Lemonads does not offer tens of thousands of offers with no added value but thousand of performance-based and qualitative offers that convert. In addition to our in-house offers, we have exclusive partnerships with recognized brands from a dozen of verticals that we know perfectly and we are covering all geos. We are always listening to requests from our affiliates who are looking for specific offers. Our account managers are also there to suggest offers that best match your traffic. Lemonads mission is for you to be able to monetize your traffic safely and efficiently with offers that suit you and with the help of powerful in-house developed tools.

A CPA network for Advertisers

Lemonads is aware of the difficulties advertisers are facing nowadays. We strive to help you not having to spend your valuable time in controlling unwanted conversions and waste money. As an offer owner, we understand your struggles and needs as they are ours too. We made of Lemonads a low-risk Affiliate Network thanks to not only our pay per perf models but also our cutting-edge technology, our committed behaviour and professional team. All this combined helps us to combat and avoid a maximum of fraud successfully. Advertisers can then focus on what they should, which is to bring a maximum of high-quality conversions.

Zero tolerance for fraud ; performance campaigns make optimal targets for exploitation due to their sizable per-event payouts and the many possible means of gaming the system. When fraud schemes corrupt your performance marketing program, they don’t just drain your profits. Performance fraud can also erode your brand reputation and destroy the relationships you’ve built with valued, revenue-generating partners.

Fast track to green with Lemonads’ truly SmartLink!

You prepare a campaign all day, you work on the angle and creatives for your preferred traffic source. You set up the campaign and it goes live in the evening. You go to sleep. You wake up the next morning seeing all green in your tracker! Just like that...

That’s what Lemonads has to offer you through their SmartLink. This is not just an offer rotator. It will automatically optimize your campaigns by choosing offers according to several factors thanks to a single but intelligent URL.

There are 2 key parts of this technology:

Our Smart Link solution can provide you with great RPMs/eCPMs/EPCs all across the globe. All GEOs, All Language, all devices, all carriers. You can exclude specific offers from the link if you’d like to. It also manages the capping per offer, per customer and takes into account all offer restrictions, of course.

Lemonads affiliates saw 25% more revenue when using the SmartLink compared to using static links and manual optimization.
That’s an edge you must take!