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lemonads® has become the reference partner for ambitious influencers willing to taking full advantage of the affiliate marketing channel to increase their earnings. Discover why.

More than 60,000brand partners

Growing as an influencer means gaining trust. lemonads® is working with brands trusted by millions of consumers across major verticals (retail, travel, beauty, fitness, financial services, and more). We make it easy for you to find brands that resonate with your audience.

Higher commissions for influencers

As one of the leading performance marketing platforms, lemonads® has built a mutually profitable relationship with thousands of brands across all vertical markets in the US. It allows us to negotiate with brands to always guarantee the highest commissions for our influencers and reward them for the value they bring.

Brands that are popular on social platforms

Connect with brands that are popular and effective to promote on major social media platforms. Start profitable partnerships that generate tons of engagement from your audience because they are the right fit for your followers and your personal brand.

A suite of tools for Influencers

With lemonads®, maximize your earning potential by leveraging advanced, real-time insights and innovative tools designed for influencers. Use data insights to see the true impact of your content, determine which content & advertisements convert the best, and focus on what works.

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Partner with brands you love and would buy for yourself

Successful influencers are picky about what brands they work with. They feel an obligation to their community to be authentic and transparent to them. The trust of your followers is your most important asset. We approach and work with brands our content creators love.

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More than 60,000 affiliate programs from the best brands worldwide.

Start with the #1 affiliate network for influencers, it's very easy!

It doesn't matter if you are a social media personality, an industry expert, a thought leader, a trendsetter, or a niche vlogger! At lemonads®, we truly value influencers as one of the best addition to the affiliate marketing mix and we work hard with brands to make sure our influencers partners get the rewards.

Influencers love us. You will too.

An affiliate network can only delight influencers and brands by being effective. For many years, lemonads® has produced excellent results for influencers and content creators ranging from large-scale celebrity influencers with millions of followers to micro-influencers with niche audiences.

Monetizing my IG community with affiliate marketing wasn't always easy. The trust and attention of my 8M+ trust is the single most precious asset of my business. I am only confident to promote attractive brands that I am using myself, and know they will love. Bringing value to them is my #1 priority.

Brie Bella.

Fitness influencer on Instagram


My results on IG are still growing thanks to the quality affiliate programs I get from the marketplace and the suggestions of my account manager. He is very attentive to my needs and shares a lot of tips with me. I find the application easy to use and analyze my stats daily to better monetize my audience.

Janice Snyder

Travel influencer on Instagram


Working with a professional affiliate network, it's like having a team of experts who help me determine how to give what my 5M+ TikTok followers want while growing my revenue. I appreciate that my account manager gets my style, so she helps me have top deals with brand partners who fit my audience.

Nava Rose

Fashion influencer on Tiktok, Instagram


I used lemonads to start a side income, but now my Youtube account is able to generate a full-time income. It’s also much better than any affiliate network that I have tried. It's all about the service to me, and I like that lemonads® has strong offers from brands from the US, where most of my audience is.

Danny Browling

Life Hacks influencer on Youtube


To succeed with affiliate marketing, it's essential to adopt a data-driven approach. Insight dashboards give me invaluable insights on which affiliate programs convert and attract my 5M+ Youtube audience. This data is very valuable for the long term growth of my affiliate business.

Austin Evans

Tech influencer on Youtube


I am satisfied to join lemonads. They have all the US brands that I can promote to my audience. I love the support from my account manager, Nelson. He can recommend me new Skincare affiliate programs that are relevant to my audience so I can maximize my affiliate income.

Monica Chang

Skincare influencer on Facebook


Frequently Asked Questions

An influencer is a person with large and engaged followings, who can leverage their social media presence to reach and connect with potential customers for a brand they partner with.Working with influencers is an opportunity to build a brand's awareness, create more authentic ad content, and, most importantly, generate high-quality leads, clicks, or sales. Social media now plays an enormous role in the success of marketing. There are now influencers in virtually every niche, and they have built their reputations on social media. They have become the ""go-to"" people in their specialist niches. Influencers have the power to reach sizeable audiences. Nano and micro-influencers may not have enormous followings, but they appeal to people in less mainstream subject areas who follow them fervently and are ready to follow their recommendations.

Affiliate marketing for influencers is essentially a way to earn a commission payment on the clicks or sales you drive on behalf of brands. To earn their commissions, influencers will use uniquely trackable links provided by lemonads to track how many clicks or sales were made. These links, called affiliate links are the most reliable way to track and earn from referrals is by using affiliate links. lemonads® provides influencers a reporting dashboard, so they can monitor exactly how many clicks and sales their affiliate links are generating and how much they stand to earn once all the sales are closed and their payment is due. Some influencers and content creators are making a full-time income just by using affiliate links on their Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Influencers promote affiliate links on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. They frequently share links to their Instagram Stories or below their YouTube videos. These links track the actions of visitors on the advertiser website after they click to refer the sales to the influencer.

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