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Why mass media publishers choose lemonads® Affiliate Network?

What they are selling should resonate with your readers.

60,000 brands partners

Easily connect with a large network of worldwide brands partners with the highest commission rates and other benefits (exclusivity, gifts, etc.). Find brands that are a perfect fit with your media brand and audience, access to all the information you need to write high-quality editorial content (commerce reviews, commerce articles, etc.).

Powerful & Intuitive Platform

Access to your brand partners and performance dashboards within one single platform. Benefit from a user-friendly marketplace to easily discover new partnership opportunities for your media publishing business.

Highest commission rates on the market

lemonads® gives you access to the best commission rates on the market. With a higher payout, your editorial site can lean in brands partnership in a bigger way and get a fair reward for the value it brings.

Automated Affiliate Links

By choosing lemonads®, editorial teams can automate the generation of affiliate links, and spend more time writing great commerce reviews or commerce articles. After installing a piece of code on your media's pages, our SmartLinker® will automatically turn all your links into affiliate links so you can earn commissions from over 60,000 brand partners.

Experts to support your editorial team

Our affiliate managers are experts in making the collaboration between your media and the brands seamless and efficient. They keep open the communication channels, and, from the onset of a new partnership, they provide a clear context and transparent KPIs to facilitate the work of your editorial team.

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Work with brands that speak to your target audience

We work with more than 60,000 well-known and high-quality brands from major sectors (high-tech, fashion, sport & leisure, travel, finance). With the best partnerships, the trust of your readers is never at risk, but only grows.

  • apple affiliate program
  • capitalOne affiliate program
  • uberEats affiliate program
  • edureka affiliate program

Process of affiliate marketing for media mass partners

They trust affiliate networks. And you?

  • forbes affiliate program
  • mashable affiliate program
  • condeNast affiliate program

Editorial sites recommend lemonads®

An affiliate network can only delight his mass media partners and brands by being extremely effective. For several years, lemonads® has demonstrated consistency in being able to offer an excellent service and attractive brand partnerships to editorial sites.

We have been working with lemonads teams for 2 years now, thanks to them we spend much less time managing and optimizing the monetization of our partnerships and can focus on writing quality content!


Affiliate Partnership Manager

We managed to find affiliate links easily and quickly on lemonads with brands that our readers are interested in. This has allowed us to increase our revenue on this specific channel considerably.


Strategist Partnership

We have taken advantage of an integral support system, there is always someone available to speak to. I would highly recommend editorials site to take full advantage of the great service supplied by lemonads.


Partnership Manager

We worked with over 20 lemonads affiliates program during the last year. They are a pleasure to deal with in terms of campaign tip-offs, publisher support and super-reliable payments. Excellent network all round, and we will be work with us more and more.


Strategist Media Partnership

We can see that lemonads has an excellent payout. The affiliate links we have chosen have obtained excellent conversion rates. Thanks to this afiliate netowork, we were able to earn up to $1000/ month easily.


Marketing partnership manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about lemonads® and our affiliate offers.

Mass media partners are notable media companies. These players produce diverse and quality content/online publications across a wide range of industries. Mass media readers are a highly engaged and established target audience.

Media can easily find and choose partner brands from lemonads® database of nearly 60,000 affiliate programs. When a reader clicks on the link, it directs them to the brand’s site. If the consumer purchases a product or service, fills out a form or engages in some other conversion that the brand desired, the mass media partner is compensated.

Mass media don't always have the time to dedicate to affiliate marketing, thanks to lemonads® they can quickly and easily connect to an existing network. lemonads® is known for having High-rate and High-converting affiliate programs. One of the advantages is that media can sign up for multiple affiliate programs on the platform and get paid by lemonads® in one place. It is important to note that affiliate marketing is a stable performance-based channel and that mass media do not take any risk except for the risk of earning more by signing up on the lemonads® platform.

The media are mainly paid according to the conversions resulting from the traffic they bring to the advertisers. If a reader visits a site via an affiliate link from a media article and makes a purchase, even after some time, on that same site, the sale will be returned to the media, which will receive a commission. At lemonads®, our mass media partners are privileged and can benefit from many other advantages depending on the contract such as exclusive codes, early access reserved for readers, "previews" for the editorial team to try out a product/service, or even gifts in exchange for a review of it.