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lemonads® is pleased to present their clients with the best offers on Amazon.

Amazon is indeed one of the biggest online retailers in the world. Businesses, individual sellers, and manufacturers sell to Amazon their products at a wholesale price or pay a referral fee for the role Amazon plays in facilitating the sales relationship between buyer and seller by deducting a percentage of the total payment to the seller.

Amazon then markets these items at a competitive price and ships them from their various warehouses worldwide. This makes Amazon the go-to place to find almost anything one needs to buy, at a competitive price and with the impeccable logistics behind this king of e-commerce.

Why joining the Amazon affiliate program (Amazon Associates)?

  • Millions of products in the same place
  • Attractive remuneration
  • High Performing Banner Ads and tools
  • High Conversion Rate

By joining Amazon’s Affiliate Program, you will have access to the biggest e-commerce in the world guaranteeing you the most complete range of products and attractive remuneration. Also, a promotional toolkit will be at your disposal to help you promote this program and make it a real success.

Buyer Persona:

Gender: Male or Female

Age: 18 and up

Product categories: Books, music, gadgets, technology, home appliances, gardening, art, cars, bikes, food, fashion, etc.

Countries: United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, and Poland

Amazon affiliate program is recommended for:

  • Blogs/Websites owners
  • Social Media Marketers and Influencers
  • Content Creators
  • Media Buyers
  • Publishers

Amazon Associates is an affiliate ally that provides a powerful way for you to monetize your youtube channel, website, or blog. However, their commission rates and terms of use can be a little tricky to deal with. This is why being affiliated with Amazon’s affiliate marketing program through lemonads® is very convenient. Online Affiliates earn a commission when a visitor to their website clicks a button containing Amazon affiliate links and buys as an ending result. The visitor must purchase an item within 24 hours or add an item to their cart and purchase it within 89 days. Commissions are typically 1% to 10% of the purchase price, minus shipping, taxes, and fees.

The interest of being affiliated with the Amazon Associates Program, is that no matter the topic you address on your blog posts, you can find a product on Amazon that you can link to your content while still being relevant to your narrative. If you are not a savvy affiliate marketer, you are not promoting a specific product but you want to generate income with your content, this affiliate program is a good idea for you. If you buy a product you are in love with and you want to tell your audience about it, you can monetize this recommendation by adding affiliate tracking ids that we provide you.

If you are not a blogger and your content it’s not a blog post but a listicle or a ranking, you can rely on the product reviews that you find on Amazon. In order to combat fake reviews, Amazon adds a Verified Purchase label to reviews where the reviewer has actually purchased the product. You can decide whether your link forwards your readers to a product page or a product category which maximizes the chances they will find a product in their range of budget and that has the qualities they are looking for.

Amazon is one of the Big 5 technology companies in the world. Their mobile app is a great extension of the website, easy to use and order. One of the reasons why Amazon is the largest and most successful retailer in the western world is because they built the best customer experience. Customers can browse by product category and rely on the unbiased reviews of real buyers, compare products by price, available stock, and know beforehand the exact arrival date of the item to their doorstep. Amazon’s listing price is always competitive. Amazon beats out other retailers on price 15% of the time, according to a new study by Profitero. Furthermore, Amazon Prime members get fast and free delivery on millions of items, as well as discounts on a variety of additional shipping options.

In conclusion, Amazon is one of the biggest tech companies in the world because they are home to almost any product in the market, at a competitive price, with a great user experience and logistics that almost never disappoint.

Amazon Associates is a great affiliate program for every publisher, especially for those who aren’t promoting niche products but who are willing to earn some bucks with their content, like for example hobby bloggers. For listicles and comparisons, publishers can rely on the unbiased reviews that real buyers depose regarding each product.

Affiliating to Amazon Affiliate program through lemonads will grant you access to one of the biggest marketplaces on the web, enabling you to earn commissions by sending traffic to Amazon, no matter the product or service you need to promote. All this with the comfort of knowing exactly the commission you will receive with no complicated commission rate tables and small prints. Also, lemonads offers the fastest daily payments in the industry and every time on time. As a publisher, you can receive your payouts via Wire, Paypal, Paxum, or ePayments.

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