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lemonads® is excited to present ExpressVPN, the market leader in digital privacy and security. 

ExpressVPN has presided over the top spot in the VPN market for years, providing the best virtual privacy protection worldwide. They provide complete privacy, security, and anonymity with years of experience in encrypting web traffic and concealing users’ IP addresses.

ExpressVPN believes in providing only the best in cybersecurity service. With continuous improvement and expansion, their services are some of the fastest and widely available globally. 

They offer unlimited access to over 160 locations in 94 countries and 0 leaks, best-in-class encryption. This makes ExpressVPN the most globally available network with a server nearby to any user’s location.

ExpressVPN has held its top spot in an industry filled with competition for many years. This can be credited to its professional features, watertight 0-log, no-monitoring policy. They are known for delivering more than just about every other competitor on the market. 

ExpressVPN is compatible with just about every platform, with extensions available for most browsers. The easy-to-use, install, and navigate interface is one of the most attractive and appeals to millions of users. So no wonder that ExpressVPN is where it is, in a leading position towards the top of every VPN roundup.

Why join the ExpressVPN affiliate program?

  • Number 1 Trusted Brand 
  • Global Recognition And Popularity
  • Generous Commissions
  • High Conversion Rate
  • High Performing Banner Ads
  • Marketing Collaterals Provided 

By joining the ExpressVPN Affiliate Program, you can earn a percentage of revenues generated from customers who purchase at

Buyer Persona:

Gender: Male or Female
Age: 16-55 Yo
Location: United States
Interests: Technology for businesses/family computer safety/cybersecurity 

ExpressVPN affiliate program is recommended for:

  • Bloggers 
  • Website owners 
  • YouTube channel owners
  • Media buyers
  • Media & Tech influencers

ExpressVPN is a world-leading VPN service boasting a massive global footprint and generating $1.2M per year.

ExpressVPN reached over 8 million installations on iOS and Android devices between January and May 2020, reaching more customers than any other VPN service. 

They continue to dominate the VPN market, topping reviews, articles, and roundups. And not without credit. ExpressVPN’s reputation of trustworthiness and transparency goes hand in hand with its professionalism and excellent seamless service. 

On September 13th, the VPN leader was acquired by the UK-based software company, Kape Technologies. This marked the beginning of a collaboration between two huge names in the privacy and security industry. 

Kape Technologies has vowed to double ExpressVPN’s customer base from 3 to 6 million users in the coming years. Meaning more opportunities for publishers to maximize their affiliate revenue by including ExpressVPN on websites, blogs, social media, and other advertising channels. 

When choosing the ExpressVPN affiliate program on your channel, you’ll maximize revenue with high commissions. Expect to receive expert service, in-house Swiss tracking technology, and real-time performance monitoring. Simply include an affiliate link in an article or content description for maximum CPA. 

By affiliating with our network you will have full control of your conversions with our unique and intuitive platform. Weekly payment through various solutions: Wire, Paypal, Paxum, and ePayments, along with Fast, clear, and insightful assistance through several channels.

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